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Winning features of this durable coverall include two chest pockets, one rule pocket, and a concealed stud front. Perfect for all your working requirements.
From $25.60
Excellent attenuation level can be adjusted into the standoff position when not in use. Easy to clip-on, it is compatible with PS54 and PS55 hard hats.
$16.00 $20.00
Ultra-lightweight for prolonged usage. Adjustable dual pin mounting system provides multiple positioning for a better fit. Folds to palm size.
$11.20 $14.00
Lightweight and robust, the PW40 is suitable for all-day comfort. Excellent attenuation rate.
$6.40 $8.00
Expertly designed lightweight spectacles with outstanding optical quality. The one-piece curved lens offers unobstructed vision and the comfortable nose bridge allows for extended use.
$4.80 $6.00
A contoured design with a one-piece curved lens. The super lightweight spectacle offers a near total eye orbital seal and features a flexible temple, which protects against impacts.
$2.40 $3.00
An ultra-light polycarbonate spectacle that molds into the facial features, providing brow protection and cheek guard. Fully adjustable temple length and a five-point temple ratchet.
$4.80 $6.00
Excellent fitting goggles with a panoramic field of vision. Superior protection against harmful splashes and large dust particles. Compatible with PW23 goggle shield, increasing the level of face protection for the wearer.
Extremely light-weight premium goggles. High tech material combination of hard and soft components for a perfect fit. Wraparound design and effective seal around the eyes.
Super lightweight and durable spectacle with a sleek design and 10 base curve lens. Larger fitting size for a perfect custom fit.
$4.80 $6.00
This Umbra Polarised Spectacle eliminates all reflective glare that hits the lens, reducing eyestrain. The lens provides 99% protection against UV light. Adjustable and extendable arms for a perfect fit.
$35.20 $44.00
Tough looking wrap around, streamline design, excellent protective coverage, and fit. Ultra-light and panoramic view.
$4.80 $6.00
Endurance vented ABS shell helmet without retractable visor. Sold with 4 points chin strap included.
$17.60 $22.00
Endurance Plus ABS shell helmet now available without a retractable visor. Sold with 4 points chin strap included.
$17.60 $22.00
High-Visibility Colour. This Clip-On ear muff is compatible with PS54 and PS55 hard hats.
$17.60 $22.00
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