About us


We strive to be a socially responsible company for our business partners, employees, and customers. We do this through empowering innovation, design, product development, and manufacturing to provide excellent customer service and 100% client satisfaction without harming the environment and by supporting workforce equality.


As a company, our mission is to provide unique products that are sourced ethically and give the best value to our global customers. We believe in sustainability, producing quality pieces ethically, and providing jobs for everyone thus, our customers can trust that we partner and collaborate with companies, organisations, and individuals who hold the same set of values as us. We aim to help our clients be kinder to the planet and society by investing in longevity.

About Us

Imagine a world where everyone and everything exists in harmony; where every individual is entitled to the same opportunities; where the environment is not hurt by consumerism; where people act in kindness. That is the world we strive to live in and wish for future generations to enjoy. And this is the very core and reason why we do what we do.

Passu is an Australia-based online fashion store that offers clothing products, accessories, and promotional items with a multidisciplinary approach. Through the young founders’ profound interests in environmental and social issues, gender empowerment, providing opportunities for the LGBTQ+ community, and outstanding education, childcare, and healthcare, an unconventional track of offering and promoting consumer goods to the global market has been conceptualised and born.

These areas are what we refer to as Passu’s #ThinkChange initiative. We feel strongly about supporting these global issues hence, we will contribute a certain percentage of our annual profits to groups and organisations assisting in these subjects.

The name Passu was taken from a magnificent Karakoram mountain range in Asia where the Passu Glacier is located. The founders drove inspiration from the beautiful and towering white, snow-covered glaciers and thought it just fits seamlessly to how they aspired and envisioned the company to be. The Passu Glacier is covered in snow, which is white in colour. White represents kindness, purity, innocence, perfection, sincerity, and understanding, which is everything that the company strives to stand for.

Why Passu?

The young entrepreneur duo aims to change the way the fashion and promotional industry operates in Australia. This lofty yet humble ambition is displayed in the way we conduct business with our partners, how we select the companies we collaborate with, and choose the products that are being offered on the site. At Passu, we believe that individuals can still enjoy what the world has to offer and be socially and ecologically responsible while at it.

With more and more educational materials and organisations keen to educate the public about how our purchasing habits are killing the planet and hurting minority groups,   a new approach to consumption has been exhibited by a heightened number of brands and companies all over the world. As the global consumer demands and looks for more sustainable options for pieces created in an ethical fashion, we strive to offer them exactly that without sacrificing the quality of these goods. We do not support fast and disposable consumerism that harms the environment we live in; but rather, we adhere to developments and processes that are done in an Earth-friendly and socially responsible manner. Thus, we endeavour to offer only the products that are developed, created, manufactured, and packaged beautifully, sustainably, and ethically.

We understand the growing needs of our customers and recognise that every client is unique. This is why we offer customisation services to fit every style preference of our target market.

Fostering conscious shopping practices while supporting global issues through Passu’s #ThinkChange initiative is central to our philosophy. Today, tomorrow, and always.